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Posted By: Juan P-B
23-Oct-04 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: reseating Martin bridge
Subject: RE: reseating Martin bridge
OK! Own up! Who dragged Martine Gibson away from the photographer's studio? Another afternoon being pictured with your guitar MG?

This guy is so far up his own ar*e he can wear himself as a wig!

Well said Cumbrian! I don't suppose Martine realises that Richard B doesn't need an 'attorney' - He ARE one!

I'm afraid that as far as Martine is concerned there are ONLY Martin & Gibson Guitars worth looking at - He really doesn't believe that both of these well respected makers CAN and occasionally DO turn out a piece of crap! Whatever you do don't mention Taylor guitars - He'll cr*p himself with horror

I bet he votes for George Dubya again too


Juan P-B