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Posted By: _gargoyle
01-Nov-99 - 10:36 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Cookbook fundraiser-post your recipe
Subject: RE: M'Cat Cookbk fundraiser-POST YOUR RECIPE
I have been accused (and rightfully convicted) of recently (last 200) posting more to the "BS" than to the "Music/Lyrics." (95 out of 200)

In an attempt to redeem my tarnished reputation, and balance the scale, the following stuffing for the "unskinned but shaved,"Opposum," is humbly submitted.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees
Stuff carcass with:
32 oz. (US) saurkraut and juice
6 "fist sized" peeled/cored/diced apples
8 oz. dried navy beans

Place in oven, reduce heat, roast for 5 hours, baist occasionally.

The above stuffing will cause the roasting-beast to sound like an ocarina....and your own "back-orifice" to soon give off a whistle-like tune.