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Posted By: Juan P-B
26-Oct-04 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: reseating Martin bridge
Subject: RE: reseating Martin bridge

The P-B stands for Phatt-B'Stard - And don't let Leadfingers see you being derogatory (that's de-rog-a-tory) about the old Plumbum.

And... peanut butter? Use it as a cheap lubricant do you?? Or as a wig glue?

I see you've been to all states and Canada - What's up, old chap? Can your own people not stand you being around them ?

Which particular 'china' tea did you like or are we mistaken in thinking there are more than one - Less bitter! Ha!

I have met many of your countrymen all over the world and none of them seem to posess your particular anal retentiveness - Are you by any chance from one of the southern states and if so are you elated to your mother at all?

Go on! Own up! You can't play guitar can you? You just collect the brochures!

Juan P-B