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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
26-Oct-04 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: Spanish-language songs
Subject: RE: Spanish-language songs
"Encantadora Maria" was collected in Oaxaca many years ago, a folk song. In the Hague Collection, listed below. Do you need music or lyrics?
Some books-

Yurchenco, Henrietta, 1967, "A Fiesta of Folk Songs from Spain and Latin America." Has Spanish, English, and phonetic pronunciation. Aimed at children, in many school libraries. Putnam's Sons, NY.

Hague, Eleanor, collected by, 1917 (and reprint by Kraus), "Spanish-American Folk Songs," The American Folklore Society.

Lloyd, A. L. and I. A. Aretz de Ramón y Rivera, 1965, "Folk Songs of the Americas," Novello, London, International Folk Song Series.

Luce, Allena, 1921, "Canciones Populares," Silver, Burdett y Compañia, Boston (same company who published the Silver-Burdett Song books for schools, many indexed here in a special thread). Puerto Rico, Florida, Cuba and others.

Mendoza, Vicente T., 1954 (1985), "Corridos mexicanos," Cultura SEP (Mexican gov't publication).
These Mexican publications often cost a lot here, although they are cheap in Mexico. If you know someone going there, have them stop in a bookshop and pick up a few. I don't know why they are marked up so much when they cross the border.