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Posted By: Mudlark
27-Oct-04 - 12:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Subject: RE: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Dear, dear Mysterioso (ohhhhh!) Santa...

It's sorry I am that I've been so lax
In letting you know some prefs and some facts
Somehow you've already sussed, it seems
I'd choose doggerel any time over choc. creams

So below are some suggestions
But feel free to go off in other directions
As a versifier you must be a kindred soul
I'll like what you like, you're on a roll.
Music: Eclectic, instrumental, any good guitar work, be it folk or classical; trad jazz, particularly 50's West Coast; classical, particularly baroque (not into heavy orchestral). And, of course, your own music, or any music you want to share that you really like.

Books: Contemporary fiction, not scifi/fantasy/mystery. A few fav. authors:Ann Lamott, Jill Vandenburg, Kate Atkinson, Gavin Maxwell, John Gardner, Marilyn Durham. Poetry: recently read a poem of Ted Hughes on MC, would love a book of his work, esp. one that includes "Wind."

I really like used books, also CD's that someone ELSE has managed to strip off that @#$% plastic wrap.

I've got 3 corgis, so a corgi calendar would not be amiss, also could always use another Kayser (sp) capo (clamp type) or a more interesting guitar strap than the boring cheapo I have.

I like silver jewelry and dangly earrings (only ear wires have to be silver).

My house is tiny and full, with very little vertical or horizontal space left for 2D and/or crafts. Having said that, I'm a retired studio potter, so would treasure a good mug or bowl from your local mudslinger.

And apologies again, dear Mysterioso, for taking so long
Send me something you like, and you wont go wrong.

Sincerely, Mudlark Come Lately