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Posted By: Gervase
27-Oct-04 - 08:47 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: If I Were a Blackbird [not DT]
The version I know is:

I once knew a maiden, a maiden so rare
Fell in love with a sailor, a young sailor boy
He courted her truly by night and by day
Til at length that young sailor he sailed far away.

        And if I was a blackbird I'd whistle and sing
        I'd follow the ship that my true love sails on
        And in the top rigging I'd there build my nest
        And cradle my head on his bonny white breast.

My love he is handsome in every degree
My parents despise him because he loves me
But let them despise him and say what they will
While there is life in my bosom I'll love that boy still.

And if I was a scholar who could handle a pen
A long loving letter unto him I'd send
I'd tell of my sorrows, my griefs and my woes
If I could but find him I'd crown him with gold