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Posted By: BB
27-Oct-04 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: If I Were a Blackbird [not DT]
The version I sing doesn't have a chorus, and the singer it was collected from, May Bradley, from Shropshire said it was the old way of singing it, and called it 'My Love'.

Don't know whether my words now are exactly as it was collected, but here they are.

It's of a fair maiden, my fortune was sad;
I was overcourted by a rakish young lad;
I kept my love company by night and by day;
Now my Johnny has left me and he's gone far away.

My love's now a soldier; he's neat, tall and slim,
And there's none in the army that can better him;
With his red rosy cheeks and his curly black hair,
His flattering tongue has my heart in a snare.

Now there's some people say that I'm out of my mind,
And there's some people say that I'm large with a child,
But it's let them be talking and say what they will,
For the love I've got for him, I'll keep it up still.

Now if I were a blackbird, I'd whistle and sing,
And I'd follow the ship that my true love sails in;
At the top of his mainmast I would build my nest
And at night I would gaze on his lily-white breast.

And if I were a scholar and could handle my pen,
I would write him a letter, to him would I send,
So God send him safe sailing and a fair wind to blow,
And adieu to my true love wherever he goes.

It has a beautiful melody, too.