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Posted By: Blissfully Ignorant
28-Oct-04 - 12:10 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Rodents in my car!
Subject: RE: Song Challenge: Rodents in my car!
There's mices in my car
Mices in my car
They've chewed right through the wiring
And now my car won't start

There's mices in the boot
Mices in the bonnet
One more squeek and i'll
Get the pest controllers on it

Damn these evil mices
I'm going to call the polices
Cos lodging in my car
Is an objeconable species

I'm going to buy a cat
A big mean cat at that
I'll leave him in my vehicle
And let them have it out

Cos what chance have i
If those mices learn to drive?
I'll be left here carless
While the mice have the time of their lives