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Posted By: rip cobalt
28-Oct-04 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dam collapse tragedy songs
Subject: Lyr Req: Dam collapse tragedy songs
Hey all, I live near Bagnell Dam in the Missouri Ozarks, Mid-US.
It has undergone some major repairs this summer which makes it prime time to add some dam collapse songs to my repetoire. But the only one I've run across is "pikevill flood" by blue highway.
Here at the digitrad, a search for "Dam" came up empty but oddly enough, one for "flood" got a few returns among them "Dam on Baldwin Creek". It also showed a thread for the Jamestown Flood...a tragedy of epic proportion caused by a small private lake escaping impoundment. The Lake of the Ozarks has over 1300 miles of shoreline, contained by two dams. The big one, Bagnell, could easily fall victim if the nearby New Madrid fault has another earthquake.
It could wipe out many small riverboat towns, maybe even wash over St. Louis. Hard for me to guess.
The rest of the flood ballad tradition here seems built around storm surge...Gavleston's 1900 sumpin hurricane is a popular storm.
Well. Back to playing with my instrument. Hope to hear soon about your favorite "man puts it up its going to come down" dam collapse tunes.