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Here is a small selection -I think it would be better to e-mail to those who are interested. It is a paper with references written in html. the numbers in the paragraph below refer to the bibliography.

Dáibhí Ó Bruadair: the metamorphosis of a poet


Born between 1625 and 1630 in County Cork, Ó Bruadair was trained in a classical 'liberal education' style, including study of Greek and Roman mythology and legend.[16] His principal source for Irish history was Foras Feasa ar Éirinn, by Seathrún Céitinn, known to the English-speaking world as A History of Ireland, by Geoffrey Keating. Ó Bruadair's respect for him can be seen in his poem 'Love of Sages,' a tribute to Keating, in which he praises 'Geoffrey Keating, whose code above all others I extol.'[17] Mac Erlean writes that Ó Bruadair's 'poems form a running commentary upon all the principal political processes of his day.'[18]

[15]A much more complete version of this can be found in Mac Erlean, Duanaire, part I, in the introduction, as noted above. As this is the fullest source available, as well as the only readily available source, I have relied upon it for facts regarding the Ó Bruadair's life.
[16]Mac Erlean, Duanaire, part I, xix and xxi.
[17]'Love of Sages' (written 1682) in Rev. John C. Mac Erlean, S.J. (ed. and trans.),Duanaire Dhaibhibh Uí Bhruadair, part II; Irish Texts Society, vol. xiii (London, 1913),264-287. Quote in text from rann II, lines 1 and 2.
[18]Mac Erlean, part I, xlviii.

Citing this paper

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Inglis, James Jeffrey, "Dáibhí Ó Bruadair:
the metamorphosis of a poet," electronically
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