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Posted By: Azizi
31-Oct-04 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Ging Gang Goolie (Robert Baden-Powell ??)
Subject: RE: ging gang gooly

I've also wondered about that "Ging gang goolie" song. Have we concluded then that these are nonsense words and not from any language or languages except fun kidspeak?

And somewhat off topic,

Fee, can you share the words you sang for "You'll never get to heaven"?

I remember singing that song in the 1950s Atlantic City, New Jersey, and not as part of any organized group. As I remember it, one verse of that song went like this {I'll use my name for the insult part}:

Oh you'll never get to heaven
with ZiZi's face.
'Cause ZiZi's face
is ah disgrace.
Oh, you'll never get to heaven
with Zizi's face
'cause Zizi's face is ah disgrace.
Ain't gonna meet
my Lord no more.

I searched for "You'll never get to heaven" in the search box and found the song Johnson's Gals. I'm not sure if this children's song came from there.

Any thoughts on this?