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Posted By: Allan C.
03-Nov-99 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: Kingston Trio Archive
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
I think few would argue against a statement I have made about the KT many times: "They brought folk music uptown." I don't think they ever tried to pass themselves off as traditionalists. They made their living by "dressing up" folk songs for playing in uptown clubs. I strongly appreciate that they were responsible for introducing folk music to a vast number of people. And, through their recordings, have made me and countless others aware of songs which might otherwise have otherwise remained in obscurity.

On the other hand, I most certainly agree that some songs just sound better the way they were before they were transformed by the KT. I think the "raw" sound of some performers lends a special something to lots of songs.

I am not about to make any excuses for what was said in the interview you cite. But I recognize that the sentiment expressed was totally in keeping with what I sense has been their way of doing things all along.