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Posted By: Azizi
01-Nov-04 - 11:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Ging Gang Goolie (Robert Baden-Powell ??)
Subject: RE: ging gang gooly
FYI, Gargoyle

for others who wondered how this thread got from "Ging Gang Gooley" to "You'll Never Get To Heaven", I take responsibility for the digression.

My curiosity got the best of me {that would be a good line for a song} when Fee recalled how the Girl Guides would share different songs. No one here ever said that these two songs had the same melody or lyrics, or were connected in any way what so ever except as part of the song list of a particular Girl Guide group. Of course, both of them ARE folk songs.

And wouldn't a determination of what conversation or which music is "good stuff" depend on one's personal taste and one's mood at the time?

As for me, though I'm sorry I did go off topic, I'm finding both topics {Ging Gang Goolie AND "You'll Never Get To Heaven" to be interesting and informative. And maybe there are others share that viewpoint.

Beides, Gargoyle, I'm just wondering, do you need to be serious all of the time?

If that's your choice, go for it!