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Posted By: Chris Green
02-Nov-04 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: ADD: Hiring Fair (Ralph McTell)
Subject: Chords Add: THE HIRING FAIR (Ralph McTell)
Voila! I've only done verse one as there's rather a lot of them, but the chords are the same for each verse!

Am                F
I went down to the hiring fair
G             Em
for to sell my labour,
Am                      F
I noticed a maid in the very next row
      Em                F
and I hoped she'd be my neighbour.
C          G
Imagine then my delight
         Am    G         F
when the farmer picked us both.
F                         Fmaj7
I spoke not a word on the cart to the farm,
but my heart beat in my throat.

The verse that starts "She turned to me as the sun went down" is in effect a half verse - use the chords for the first few lines and then just play the chords to the second few!

Hope that makes sense!