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Posted By: GUEST,Joe
02-Nov-04 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: Revolutionary Pick Thinking
Subject: RE: Revolutionary Pick Thinking
Using the pinkey as a plant/reference point is not only a recipe for early development of arthritis but a waste of a valuable picking finger. I know it's not conventional, but fingerstyle playing with all 5 digits is very distinctive and gives a great feeling of freewheeling. Once you breakout of the accepted norms of applied science in fingerstyle guitar (OK - learn the prescribed patterns 1st by all means) then you open up a whole set of new adventures for yourself that take you into the glorious world of innovation.

I'm not going to describe in detail how - just try it for yourself (many hours of practice and patience required though - be warned). Develop your own technique, I guarantee you'll be amazed - but only if you're prepared to "think outside the box".