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Posted By: raredance
03-Nov-99 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Brave Wolfe (Ian & Sylvia version)
Subject: Lyr Add: BRAVE WOLFE (Ian & Sylvia Version)
Aldus, first a little friendly chastisement. I see from one of the linked threads that you posed this very question a year an half ago. Obviously you were not satisfied with the verses you obtained then or have some sort of obsession with the particular lyrics used by Ian & Sylvia. No harm in the latter, it's a fine version and the one I first learned many years ago although I've reshuffled a few lines and verses since then. So if you promise to be happy below are the words used by I & S on the "Northern Journey" album. Most of them are in the DT version or in the linked threads above.

(Ian & Sylvia Version)

I went to see my love, thinking to woo her,
I sat down by her side, not to undo her;
But when I looked on her my tongue did quiver;
I could not speak my mind while I was with her.

Love, here's a diamond ring, long time I've kept it;
All for your sake alone if you'll accept it:
When you this token view, think on the giver;
Madame remember me or I'm undone forever.

Then forth went this brave youth and crossed the ocean:
To free Americay was his intention;
He landed at Quebec with all his party;
The city to attack, both brave and hearty.

Montcalm and this brave youth together walk-ed;
On the plains of Abraham like brothers talk-ed;
Till each one took his post and did retire;
Twas then these numerous hosts commenced their fire.

The drums did loudly beat, with colors flying;
the purple gore did stream, and men lay dying;
Then shot from off his horse, fell that brave hero;
We'll long lament his loss that day in sorrow.

He rais-ed up his head where the guns did rattle;
And to his aid he said,"How goes the battle?"
"Quebec is all our own, they can't prevent it."
He said without a groan, "I die contented."

rich r BRAVE WOLFE (Ian & Sylvia Version)