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Posted By: Davetnova
03-Nov-04 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Wee pen knife
Subject: Wee pen knife
In one of the singing threads this morning Yorkshire Yankee made a reference to a wee pen kn*fe in a song only making sense when it was actually a weapon kn*fe.
The only song I can think of with a wee pen kn*fe is Dick Gaughan's the Cruel Brother where brother John cuts the saddle straps with "his wee pen kn*fe". Now this always made perfect sense to me. A noble could well be literate and carry a small sharp pen kn*fe for cutting/dressing quills and it would be the perfect instrument for surruptitious cutting. But now I'm wondering, WEE PEN KN*FE or WEAPON KN*FE?
Any body know? (the * replaces i as this school censoring software counts up the kn*fes and concludes I'm a terrorist)