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Posted By: kitchen piper
03-Nov-04 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music Research
Subject: Folk Music Research.......

I'm now one year into a part time masters and starting to think about my dissertation. I've spent age trawling through the net looking for academic papers and research on Folk Music. I found quite a lot of interesting things out, but I'm still looking for literature.

So I thought, hey why don't I ask those nice people on Mudcat, they're bound to know where heaps of papers are hidden in the net, or to have pdf's squirelled away. So my request is, if you know of any papers on Folk Music I would be a very grateful bunny! (Obviously my dissertation hypothesis isn't that broad, but I'm looking for overview as well as specific, so please don't flame!!)

I am looking at synchronous webcast sessions, so anything on the technology too would be great! If you're interested in taking part in a wecast, take a visit to the smallpiper forum (link below). All you need is isdn (or better), quicktime and speakers.... oh and an instrument! lol.

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