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Posted By: Scabby Douglas
04-Nov-04 - 08:34 AM
Thread Name: Wee pen knife
Subject: RE: Wee pen knife
And although the idea of "weapon" coming out as "wee pen" in a Scots accent may be attractive, the older Scots form of weapon would be "wappen" or something similar - as in "wappenschaw" . Admittedly, that's from memory - and I may have misplaced a letter or two.

I can't think of an instance where a sound like "wea" becomes "wee" in Scots. "Leather" is, well, "leather" "heather" is treated similary.

"Leapt" can become "lap", and often the vowel shift is more in that direction. Can anyone else think of an instance where "ehh" becomes "eee" (so to speak)?