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Posted By: shepherdlass
04-Nov-04 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: Folk Music Research
Subject: RE: Folk Music Research.......
Hi Vicki

Welcome to the miseries of folk music MAs. I did a history dissertation on NE folk music last year and it was fascinating and frustrating by turns (so much so that I've continued on to PhD level and am going through the same traumas again). Anyway, I doubt if it would be of use to this particular project - very little emphasis on performance issues. What you're doing sounds much more innovative and groundbreaking. I think you should have a look at Allan Taylor's PhD thesis on songwriters in the revival (Queen's University, Belfast - I think it was 1993) - where he has some interesting analysis of the effect of the folk club audience, venue and expectation on performance. Also - though I'm sure you've already looked at this - MacKinnon's "The British Folk Scene" (OUP, 1993) - which deals with similar issues. These would probably give you some useful contrasts with your webcast.

There was also something in Folk Music Journal from a few years back about the changing face of Irish music and the session, which would be worth looking out for - I'll try and dig out the reference for you, but I couldn't find it just now.

I remember your face from the Whitby programme - somehow we managed to miss you there (probably due to our daughter having chronic toothache, which meant we missed a lot).

If ever you want to have a good whinge about the hassles of putting together a project like this, feel free to send me a personal message - I know how it feels.