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Posted By: mg
05-Nov-04 - 03:39 PM
Thread Name: historical reference: Knee Deep in the Big Muddy
Subject: RE: Knee Deep in the Big Muddy
As usual, I disagree. I think it is perfectly fine to start music threads asking the same question often. Different people can participate as they like, and sooner or later one can refer someone to previous threads or tell them how to find them. But like others have said, it is like telling someone in a bar we discussed that three months ago and here is a written transcript so if there is anything we didn't cover, feel free to ask that particular question. Those who are bored by answering questions repeatedly can just skip those threads. If bandwidth is a problem, there surely are other threads that could be sacrificed in their stead.

That all said, I know nothing about the song, other than I have heard it is about Korea. If I knew the answer, I would give it as often as I was comfortable giving it. Then I would stop and let others take over. mg