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Posted By: Genie
05-Nov-04 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Subject: RE: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
You're right, LH, and Ebbie's right that lots of people HAVE been talking -- SCREAMING -- about it ever since 2001.

One Congressman -- Ken Holt, I think -- even introduced a bill a year or two ago to REQUIRE a recountable paper trail for all electronic voting machines. The bill had the support of over half the House Of Representatives, including both parties, but the Republicans who controlled the relevant committee refused to allow it to come up for vote!   That's the kind of concern TPTB in the Republican Party of today have for democracy and the will of the people!

Dianavan, the biggest roadblock to getting anything done about this has been the corporat-owned media. They've been informed of the situation all along and begged to give it the air time and emphasis it deserves, but they've pretty much kept saying "We';; get to it later." Then when they do give it any air time, they treat it like it's about as important as the coverage they give to Kerry's windsurfing or Bush's golf game. The reports I saw about the issue on TV took the attitude that as long as no problems were KNOWN, we should assume everything would be okey-dokey.

BTW, Dianavan, Diebold is not the only culprit. The machine in Ohio that was just found to yield a ridiculous result was not a Diebold machine.

Dianavan -- "Everyone (at least outside of the U.S.) knew this was going to happen and yet everyone inside, kept debating about who was the 'better' candidate. Fat lot of difference it makes. "

Exactly! That's why I'm abandoning all talk of what the voters' issues were and why "the Democrats lost." WE DON'T FRIGGIN' KNOW THAT THEY DID!   Unless and until we get a full, accurate vote count, doing post-mortems on what the results mean is WORSE than FUTILE.

There's mounting evidence that Kerry WON, as probably did some Democrat Senate and House candidates -- maybe even governors, etc. IF that's the case, for the Dems to try to heed the "Republican base's message" would be counterproductive!

BTW, that computer "patch" that was discovered in the black box machine in Georgia that robbed Max Cleland of his Senate seat --
its name (on the cyber folder) was "Rob Georgia!"