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05-Nov-04 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: historical reference: Knee Deep in the Big Muddy
Subject: RE: Knee Deep in the Big Muddy
Thaks, all. I AM a member. I WAS a member. My cookie expired. I could not remember the exact ID and kept putting in 2 feathers rather than 2feathers. Two months went by. then three. Finally, just by chance I tried again with no space and lo! and behold! eerything is all right.

I picked up the lyrics from Mudcat, but still needed he reference.

The reference came from an Amazon sale page with the book COURT-MARTIAL AT PARRIS ISLAND: THE RIBBON CREEK INCIDENT (GK HALL LARGE PRINT AMERICAN HISTORY SERIES) by John C. Sevens. It quotes an incident on April 8, 1956 in which a drill instructor Matthew MdKeon led Platoon 71 on a forced night march through the baclwaters of the Parris Island recruitt depot in an effort to restore flaggin discipline....etc., etc. 6 men drowned. the Staff Sergeant MKeon was court-martialed. The defense attorney was (!) EMILE ZOLA Berman.

There is another book, THE U.S. MARINE CORPS IN CRISIS: RIBBON CREEK AND RECRUIT TRAINING by Keith Fleming. It also goes into the incident in details along with political relations between Congress and the military, etc.

Again, thanks all you folk for leading me in the proper direction. I shall arrive at the next meeting with proper references in hand.