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Posted By: Bat Goddess
06-Nov-04 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Subject: RE: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Genie --

On what do you base your accusation of election fraud or miscounting in New Hampshire?

There are 3 types of ballots in NH -- the two machines, Accuvote with ovals to be filled in, and Optech which requires filling in the center part of an arrow. Coding around the edges of the ballot and in the positioning of the ovals or arrows is what enables them to be tabulated by machine. The physical paper ballot with the filled in oval or arrow is archived in case of a recount.

I've worked for the company that prints the ballots and I know the precision of printing and trimming, proofreading, closeness of working with the Secretary of State's office, and testing of the ballots in the machines prior to election day. I also know the Secretary of State and Assistant Secretary of State's dedication to fair elections and of the continuing to use ballots that provide a paper trail.

A substantial amount of towns in New Hampshire, including Nottingham where I vote, use a paper ballot where the voter manually makes an X in a square. These ballots are hand counted.

The ballots in New Hampshire are straight forward and easy for the voter to understand.

Where's the problem? There are most likely problems and unfair practices in other states -- especially Ohio and Florida, but I don't see it in NH.