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Posted By: greg stephens
08-Nov-04 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: popular songs in 1965
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
1965 songs in folk clubs
Big chorus songs: Pleasant and Delightful, The Nightingale, Leaving of Liverpool, Banks of the Ohio
Songs for women with long hair and beautiful voices: The Four Marys. The Blacksmith. Lowlands. The leaves of life. Searching for Lambs.
Jolly Scottish songs: Barnyards of Delgatay. Jonnie Lad. The Lum Hat wanting a Croon.
Political songs: Greedy landlaord. H-bomb's thunder(maybe slightly oldfashioned by 65, but I think it was still going strong).Wee magic Stane.
Ewan McColl Hits. Dirty Old Town. 30 Foot Trailer. Freeborn Man. Shoals of herring
Rebel songs:Kelly the Boy from Killane. Johnson's Motor Car. Croppy Boy. Revenge for Skibbereen, The Old triangle. Patriot Game. Boys of Wexford.
Orange Songs: Old Orange Flute.
Bawdry: Chastity Belt. Lusty Young Smith. Nutting Girl.
Cyril Tawney Hits: Oggie Man, Grey Funnel Line, Sally free and Easy.There Are NO Lights on my Christmas Tree.,
Really awful songs: Streets of London, Puff the Magic Dragon, the MTA, Blowing in the Wind(With peter Paul and Mary harmonies).
Bob Dylan Songs: Blowing in the Wind(original harmony). God on our Side. Girl from the North Country. Masters of War. It aint me babe. Dont think twice its alright.
Something Geordie: Byker Hill, Wor Geordie's Lost his Panker, Cushie Butterfield, Stottin' Doon the Waal

There you are, that will construct you a 100% authentic 1965 folk night. And, the grand finale