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Posted By: Roger the skiffler
05-Nov-99 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brushes with Greatness
Subject: RE: BS: Brushes with Greatness
Most of my "brushes", have been like Buggsy's, "splashes with greatness", standing next to members of jazz bands in the urinals of the 100 Club in Oxford Street, or sitting next to thesps in the theatre (sat behind Billy Conolly & kids at the Windsor panto last year), but my ma-in-law was a governor of a school in Bucks and invited local celeb Cleo Laine to some function (speech day or opening a new wing) . My late pa-in-law, also a keen jazz fan, was smitten but what they both liked best was that Cleo spent the minimum of time with the official party and spent all her time with the children, getting them to sing etc.
If my ever-loving were on here sh'd tell you about the time she lent George Melly her matches and when he threw them back they went in my beer, and the time Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) trod on he foot at the theatre and was very gracious in apology and.... (why does she get all the attention when we're out?). RtS