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Posted By: greg stephens
09-Nov-04 - 07:31 AM
Thread Name: popular songs in 1965
Subject: RE: popular songs in 1965
Here is a list of songs I recorded at the Oxford Heritage Club(plus one or two at a session in my room), I think in 1965(recordings made over a few evenings and may cover 64-66).
There were three sailors
Shoals of Herring
Kelly the BOy from Killane
Tramps and Hawkers
Silkie of Sule Skerry
I know where I'm going
The tripe-seller's lament from the Gallows
(bet nobody knows that one!)
The defendant stated he was not drunk
Toast to King William
Phil the Fluter's Ball
Boys of Fair Hill
Right sez she
Brian Boru(contraceptive song)
Beautiful Swale
Seventeen come Sunday
Chastity Belt
St Hilda's Talking Blues
Students Lament
Us do come from Sarum
Marching song of the 88th
I married a keelman
Durham Gaol
Keep that wheel a-turning
The Farmers Boy
Cocks and Hens
Old Johhny Bugger
The Nightingale
McCarthy's Party
Jones' Ale

This is an authentic list, un-edited and backed up by recordings, unaffected by my decaying brain cells!