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Posted By: Rick Fielding
05-Nov-99 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Washboards
Subject: RE: BS: Washboards
Pre-war Bilt-rite for me. Always go tin, tin, tin. Stay away from zinc (and glass!) For variety: two salmon cans (don't use Tuna - they'll think you're cheap). Glue wasteband elastic around the openings in your thimbles and they'll stay on much better. Put decoupage of Gus Cannon, Washboard Sam, and Jeff Muldaur on the wooden part as a conversation starter.
Buy 'em in antique stores (at about 30 bucks a pop), but first hold 'em up to your ear and test 'em for tone. It'll drive the proprietors nuts. I dress up in suit and tie first and take Duckboots' brief case. Open case, remove spoon and (gently) rub across washboard while looking thoughtful. When owner comes scurrying over, ask them what kind of wood this company uses. You'll have given the shop owner something to talk about for the rest of his life. Women antique dealers rarely ever even notice you (are they smarter?) so don't even bother doing your act for them. It's harmless fun! See Ya Rog.