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Posted By: Michael K.
05-Nov-99 - 02:02 PM
Thread Name: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
Subject: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
I curious about this topic and interested in other's opinons.

Given the ever increasing rarity of BRW (Brazilian Rosewood)and the ridiculously exhorbitant prices of BRW vs. IRW (Indian Rosewood) guitars, IS there really a difference in the tone of a guitar constructed with one over the other?

Many are of the opinion that it is strictly cosmetic and asthetic, as the BRW seems to have a more swirly grain and figuring to it and more of a reddish hue, than the straighter grained and more chocolaty brown colour associated with IRW.

As an owner of both BRW and IRW instruments (both dreadnaughts) my personal feeling is that the BRW projects more and offers a slightly brighter sound, while the IRW seems to offer a darker, smoother, and more mellow tone......but I may be totally prejudiced.

So is it just cosmetic or is there a real overall difference in tone? And is one justified in spending the huge dollars to acquire a BRW guitar as opposed to an IRW instrument. it the aging and constant playing that makes the real difference?