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Posted By: Amos
11-Nov-04 - 09:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Am I a Dinosaur ??
Subject: RE: BS: Am I a Dinosaur ??
The iPod, by Apple, can be seen at their web site is a small portable device which plays music files in a very delightful way. The player fits in your pocket and can hold thousands of song files on its miniature harddrive. The songs are in a special computer format for digital music called MP3. The file format captures sound at slightly less than CD quality (so the fgiles can be ore compressed) which makes the files more transferable. They sound very satisfactory when played on the iPod and you can sit through long meetings, boring previews, airplane rides or long walks with your skullbones vibrating to your favorite music.

My iPod contains 636 music files in 4.8 Gigabytes of space which is about 10% of its capacity. Sitting in my office I can listen to Rick Fielding, Mozart, Kendall Morse, Cara, Andrew Llloyd Webber, Charlie Byrd playing Brazilian, Yo Yo Ma, Brubeck, Tahiitian Island chants, Gordon Bok, etc. And I still have 32 more Gigs to fill.

It is a wonderful combination of convenience and utiltity and relatively high fidelity.

I love it.