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Posted By: catspaw49
06-Nov-99 - 12:34 AM
Thread Name: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
Subject: RE: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
John and BK....exactly right and that's the kind of "Zen" thing that just drives me nuts!

Woods are important in various places on different instruments. On most lute family instruments the preferred soundboard is generally one of the spruces, German, Engleman, or Sitka, and properly cut and worked they are far superior to anything else although cedar and redwoods are good too. The Hammered Dulcimer is more of a piano...really a board zither and use a variety of soundboard materials, generally thicker. A good taptone is far more important than graining. App dulcimers can be made of damn near anything for the box but very hard fretboards are essential as this is the basis of the sound and you DO hear a difference between maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut...but its more a matter of preference for mellower vs. "ringing."

And BTW, laminates are plywoods, but plywoods are not a laminate. Most "plywood" sides and backs are really laminates.