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Posted By: ORua
06-Nov-99 - 06:59 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting: How often & how long ?
Subject: RE: Songwriting: How often & how long ?
It only works for me in context. Someone's birthday, a celebration, a 'special' night at our local folk club. Key thing is to get something down on paper and then let it mell wait a while come back to it and it can be made better - sometimes it changes completely but thats the creative process for me. Example below of a 'one off' intro to the Fear an TI (MC) at a recent Halloween night at the Foyle Folk Club.

The Demon Fear an Ti

Attention pay both young and old, draw near, I pray believe
As we approach the day before the eve of Hallow eve.
We listen for October Winds the rain is falling too
The blood runs cold, and fear takes hold, of me and perhaps of you.
We know what's going to happen next we've heard these things before
He's getting close, his feet are heard, and he's right outside the door.
So cease your idle chatter there, those cigarettes are banned.
Now sit up straight, put down that drink I wonder – should we stand?
The door swings slowly open and a figure saunters in
And no one speaks within the room except to say "Its him"
You wonder who I'm speaking of, who could inspire such fear
Who makes the little children sob, as they choke back a tear?
The man 's well known to one and all, scourge of the noisy session.
To get good order for us all this seems to be his mission!
So put your hands together please, express both joy and glee
As we welcome now Chris Devlin – the Demon Fear an Ti !