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Posted By: fred
06-Nov-99 - 09:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Great Googly Moogly
Subject: RE: BS: Great Googly Moogly
I empathize with these Zappa enthusiasts -- such a great loss, so very much talent and disdain for social trivia. The line from Mudshark refers specifically to "rancid Budweiser," perhaps a redundancy. Although Frank too often got caught up in his own shock-seeking, and his homophobic attacks were shameful and beneath him, he was a fountain of one-liners. Among my favorites: "hair growing out every home in me..." [from "Concentration Moon"] "where the PA system eats it/and the band plays some of the most terriblest shit you ever known" [from "Road Ladies"] "Electric Aunt Jemima, Goddess of Love/khaki maple buckwheats cooking on the stove" ["Electric Aunt Jemima"] "Ever take a moment just to show some real emotion/in between the moisture cream and velvet facial lotion" [from "Mom and Dad"] and the winner: "take the time to look around/watch the Nazis run your town/then go home and check yourself/you think we're talking 'bout someone else" [from "Plastic People"] It has been a heavy burden adopting this genius as a role model.