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Posted By: Gurney
13-Nov-04 - 05:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Am I a Dinosaur ??
Subject: RE: BS: Am I a Dinosaur ??
Been thinking about that myself. Seems to mean, do I transfer my LP records to CD to play them on the CD player, and get two LPs on a CD, or,
Do I transfer them onto CD in mp3 and get several LPs on a CD, but can't play them on most CD players, but can play them on a DVD player, (which as yet I haven't got, but they are very cheap, and videos seem to be going out anyway) or
Do I buy an Ipod, or
Do I buy a big memory stick, and one of those little transmitters that send the signal to the car radio, or
Do I stick with what I already have, until it is worn out.
Decisions, decisions.

Whilst I like using headphones, I insist on using them indoors, and I will not walk about the streets wearing what looks like a head-pacemaker.