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Posted By: Mbo
06-Nov-99 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting: How often & how long ?
Subject: RE: Songwriting: How often & how long ?
When I have the time, I try to write everyday. Over my summer vacation (24th of June-17th of August) I wrote something like 18 songs and tunes. Sometimes, when I'm feeling lucky, I can write two songs in one day, but after that, you run out of musical ideas. How is all this songwriting possible, you ask? Well, I'm a follower of the Robin Laing school of songwriting. Robin says that writing lyrics for him is very hard (being more of a music person than a lyrics person), and usually takes a lot of time. Same here. I can only write lyrics if the mood really strikes me, like John Boy says "All my feelin's get bottled up in here, and sometimes I feel like if I don't let 'em out, I'm going to explode!" So, as Robin does, I search through old texts, mostly old books of Irish & Scottish poetry, and find verse that I think suitable for a song. I have a big stockpile of these, maybe 40 or so verses that I have yet to making into music. As I turn out each new song, I record it on a tape recorder (like John Lennon) and hardly ever play it again. I have made lots of midis out of my songs, because like Vixen, I don't really have to skills to do them the justice they deserve. My composition teacher once compared me to Bob Dylan--a good songwriter, but perhaps not the best interpreter of my music. I can sing better when I'm not playing any instrument at all. I hope to hear all you folks music real soon!