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Posted By: Amos
14-Nov-04 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Several comments on the Fallujah battle currently (I hope) beingbrought to a successful end, from a BBC survey:

"War is the ultimate expression of temporary insanity. But it happens nevertheless. Had the UN settled this more than 10 years ago, things would not be as they are. Nothing good comes without sacrifice and dedication."
Eduardo, Menorca, Spain

"As a US citizen I feel the weight of this type of action heavily on my mind. To me it is a barbaric action that leaves the United States looking like no more than a muscled bound bully in the world playground. I send my apologies and regrets to those who suffered greatly in this unjust assault on the city of Falluja."
Stephen Hauskins, Santa Cruz, California, USA

"I don't hear any outrage about the innocent civilians that have been killed or wounded, and the devastation that has resulted from this senseless assault. It looks like the rebel leaders have run away, to fight another day. We are alienating the Iraqi people by prolonging their suffering."
Roseanne, NJ, USA

"I spoke with an Iraqi woman in Ireland yesterday who was no lover of Saddam Hussein and who lost a sister in a bomb attack in August. She said that what is going on is international bullying and the needless ruin of a beautiful country. Not for one second does she see what is happening as being in any way for the good of her people. What can we do to rid the world of this soul-less imperialism with its "kick ass" culture and philosophy?"
Brian Smyth, Meath, Ireland

(It is probably inaccurate to describe what we are doing as imperialism. We are certainly not retaining colonized sub-nations nor requiring citizenship of them as both Rome and England did in their empires. And it is always going to be laid at the feet of "necessity", when failures of sanity produce concatenations of violence. My vehement disagreement with the process is when we begin to exalt rather than vilify those whose internal dramatizations lead to external destruction and shame.)