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Posted By: harpgirl
15-Nov-04 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Audacity: Very easy recording!
Subject: Tech: Audacity: Very easy recording!
I know that many of you (like BillD) have already discovered this program from SoundForge, which is free. But I installed it last night and tonight I am burning CD's with sound effects mixed in, and with mistakes and breathing easily taken out. This is a very simple program for recording and mixing using just a basic microphone on a Windows 98 platform. I am wild about it! With a stereo mic like one used for MiniDisc recording I think the sound will be pretty darn good!

Once I save the project, I just transmit it to wav with one click in the program and import it to Windows Media Player and burn a CD! A monkey could do it! So I will be putting at least one of Marion's songs onto CD to send to her.

I finally found a program that is super easy!!!! Cool! (and free)

But Art knows how long it takes me to get the stuff into a mailer and out of my house.....

any comments from other users?