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Posted By: MBSLynne
16-Nov-04 - 03:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Smoking in public to be banned (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking in public to be banned (UK)
A lot of the smokers I know are very considerate and avoid, where possible, inflicting their smoke on people who don't smoke. Unfortunately, the world is full of smokers who aren't like that. It really makes my blood boil to see Mothers bending over babies and toddlers , puffing their smoke into their children's faces. I've never smoked and I loathe it...the smell of stale smoke on heavy smokers makes me feel sick...I'd rather smell BO. I would love to be able to walk around in a smoke free world.

On the other hand, I also have friends who would love to give up smoking and have tried and tried, but can't. It seems a little unfair to expect them to stop smoking almost everywhere. (Though perhaps less people smoking around them might help them to give up) And then there are those who enjoy their smoke..especially with a drink. Perhaps a better idea would be to have a smoke room in pubs the way they used to do. Then those who want to smoke can go in ther and those who don't can go to the other rooms. Everyone should perhps be given a choice...smokers and non-smokers alike?