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Posted By: Hand-Pulled Boy
16-Nov-04 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Smoking in public to be banned (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking in public to be banned (UK)
1. About to start your meal in a restaurant when some ignorant person decides to light up because they've just finished their meal, or in-between courses.
2. The times I get 15 minutes into a set of songs and I start to lose my singing voice because of inhaling too much stale smoke.
3. Wanting to be sociable but having to go outside for fresh air because my eyes are streaming.
4. Putting a full set of clothes into the wash basket after a quick pint in the local pub.

This list could go on and on. The thing is if people want to smoke then that is their business but it shouldn't spoil the enjoyment of others. Why can't they step outside for 5 minutes like they do at supermarkets and hostpitals to name just a couple of places?