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Posted By: Bob Bolton
16-Nov-04 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: Which Key of Whistle?
Subject: RE: Which Key of Whistle?
G'day again Sue,

I did what I ought to have done first time ... actually looked at the front page of Chiffe & Fipple site!

Scroll down as fair as the "Binkie the Wonder Possum" and you will get this (except that it looks better ... and the links work!):

Running contrary to the great Internet tradition of vicious abuse of newbies, chiff & fipple loves newbies. The following areas on the website will be of special interest to new players.

visit the message board

where you will find people anxious to answer your questions. And bring you into the horrifying world of Whistle Obsessive Acquisition Disorder (WhOA)

    faq (it's obligatory. it's here.)

whistle tutorial

an introduction to the types of whistles, keys, costs, and other fundamentals. I would have thought this to be the only web page on the Internet which contains both the words "whistle" and "morphology." But I was wrong.

deciphering whistle keys

Whistles come in a variety of keys, but each key whistle can be used to play in other keys, with various degrees of difficulty. It's confusing as hell. But, on this page, I explain it all to you.

fingering charts

I used to have some fingering chart files here, but Chiff & Fipple's own Richard Gross has a website which deals with this so well that it seems redundant to do anything with this here. So, this link will send you off to Richard's site, The Tinwhistle Fingerings Research Center. Just remember to come back! Richard has a way of grabbing people and not letting them go.

proper whistle posture

So ... Enjoy! (Well, for one thing it's a lot more portable than a piano ... )