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Posted By: SingsIrish Songs
07-Nov-99 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: Philippa, need your expertise
Subject: Philippa, need your expertise
Hi Philippa,

Alison suggested I speak with you about my "question"...but you were not listed in the Personal Message list...(or my machine just isn't working), thus this thread.

I read in an essay about Yeats and Innisfree that the name Innisfree means "heathery island"... I know the following words from my Irish/English dictionary:

inis = island fraoch = heather

I wanted to know how the two words are put together to form the Irish version of "Innisfree/Inisfree/Inishfree" (I've seen it spelled all three ways.)

If you would prefer to email me you may at:

Many thanks!