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Posted By: GUEST,Uncle Jaque
17-Nov-04 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Audacity: Very easy recording!
Subject: RE: Tech: Audacity: Very easy recording!
I downloaded Audacity last night, but can't seem to get it to open any of my .MIDI or Mp3 files - or anything else, for that matter.

Sometimes it puts a jiggelly line on the window, but when I click "play" it just "clicks" - then silence.

I downloaded the accessory thing, but it seems to be in a ZIP format, so I'll have to look for my unzipping utility.... provided I have one.

Was using "PicoZip" trailware for about 2 years before it went nutz on me and I uninstalled it - will have to look for the MS zip thing, whatever that might be...

Will that Mp3 thing self-install after it is unzipped?

I also noticed that it has issues with Norton protected Recycle Bin; although I replaced Norton with E-Secure AV some time ago, my RB still says "Norton Protected" on it.   Is that a problem with Audacity?
How do I "un-protect" said RB if it is?

It looks like an interesting utility if I can ever figure out how to make it work.   Having tried several such virtual recording - studio programs, I have yet to find one that I've been able to make any sense out of, much less been able to actually use them for anything.

Now I'm beginning to sense that Audacity just might be another one of 'em.