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Posted By: GUEST,Barrie Roberts
17-Nov-04 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Smoking in public to be banned (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking in public to be banned (UK)
Amidst all the smoke and confusion, may a mere smoker cite a few facts?

When I buy my rolling tobacco in the UK, the pouch carries warnings in bold black letters on white labels. One warns that tobacco contains benzine. Nasty stuff benzine. The Auschwitz doctors used to kill off their experimental victims with a needle of benzine. Unfortunately, it can be found in petrol and diesel fumes.

The UK National Radiological Ptotection Board ( a government body) has recently issued figures showing that, of every 1,000 cases of lung cancer in the UK, 30 are caused by smoking, 3 by natural radon emissions from the ground and .3 by 'passive smoking'. That suggests that passive smoking is not the dread danger it was thought to be.

Where do the other 900-odd cases come from? Could it be motor vehicle fumes? Are cars going to be banned in the interests of public health? Are those who object to cigarette smoke going to stop driving cars so that we don't have to breathe their deadly benzine?