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Posted By: Nerd
17-Nov-04 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Subject: RE: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!

Don't flatter yourself. If I did not recognize your "satire" it's because it was completely unfunny.

Your apology for being so damn stupid, however, is accepted.

The problem with your claims is that the only evidence that can invalidate the exit polls is a complete vote count, which has still not occurred. "Overvotes," "undervotes," and all those nightmarish bullshit categories created by our obsessive need for instant gratification (computers counting votes is just a bad idea, and serves no purpose except to speed up the news cycle) ensures that we don't have an accurate vote count. Since we KNOW the vote count cannot be accurate, why assume the exit polls were not accurate? What evidence can you supply, besides the vote counts, which everyone knows are faulty? I have supplied references to a statistical analysis, and TIA supplied the link. I'll bet you're too scared or closed-minded to read it.