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Posted By: Tradsinger
17-Nov-04 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: An Acre of Land
Subject: Lyr Add: AN ACRE OF LAND (trad. Hampshire)
There are 2 different but related songs here. One is the Scarborough Fair type and the other is the Acre of Land type. I always took the latter to be a sort of hand-me-down version of the former. Steve Roud's database surprisingly only lists about a dozen versions of the latter - I say surprisingly because I regard it as a fairly common song. I recorded 2 versions of it in Hampshire on consecutive days in the 70s. Here's one of them, the one that I sing:

My father he bought me an acre of land
Sing over and sing ivy
My father he bought me an acre of land
With a bunch of green holly and ivy

I ploughed up with a ram's horn, etc

I harrowed it with a bramble bush, etc

I sowed it down with some wild oats, etc

I cut it down with my little penknife, etc

I thrashed it out with tail of me shirt, etc

I sacked it up in a mouse's skin, etc

I tied it up with mouses' tails, etc

I sent it to market with a team of fat rats, etc

The thiller* came back with his back broke, etc

*leading horse of a team.

Charlie Hill of Dartmoor also knew a version of which I recorded one verse from him.