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Posted By: Les B
08-Nov-99 - 01:35 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting: How often & how long ?
Subject: RE: Songwriting: How often & how long ?
Art -- like you, I've only written about four songs in the last 30 years. I've just started singing one again, after 25 years, because it fits into the historic/Americana repertoire of our group. I've just written another on a similar theme (Montana history) and am trying to polish it up. I got to thinking about how long it would last, and remembered a friend of mine who wrote a number of amazingly good songs about 10 years ago -- and I don't hear him do a one of those now, although a couple were recorded by another regional singer! I find that finishing a song brings on a kind of sadness that it's done. Kind of a phenomena similar to the old Spanish saying "Only the mule and the priest are happy after sex !"