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Posted By: Alaska Mike
18-Nov-04 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: Guitar as accompaniment
Subject: RE: Guitar as accompaniment
Interesting subject Jerry, I perform solo with just guitar and voice. I almost always play fingerstyle using bass runs and transition chords as I go through each song's progressions. I vary my picking patterns to accomodate each song's needs and occasionally will strum with index finger or thumb when needed for emphasis. I do not use finger picks.

My voice is my primary instrument. I sing acapella sometimes during a set to give the audience a change in sound. On some songs I will play an instrumental break, but mostly I play patterns and bass runs as I sing. My guitar is tuned standard, I have never played with alternative tunings (too lazy to learn I guess). I play mostly in the top 3 frets with an occasional barr chord played higher up. I use a capo when needed.