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Posted By: GUEST,Nashviolin
19-Nov-04 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: Recommended beginner fiddle bows?
Subject: RE: Recommended beginner fiddle bows?
I've played with a number of different bows and finally went on a limb with a Carbon Fibre composite bow called a Premiere CF. Don't bother trying to google it to find out about the brand because there's virtually nothing out me, I've looked. the balance is nice, thought the bow tension is a bit low for my tastes. It's is very light. I got my from wwbw, and it was only 89.00. Definately worth it. It is a little "tangy" as the material isn't as soft as Perm or brazil, but I don't notice it unless I'm up in 4th or 5th position. (I think it has more to do with my limited skill in those positions, rather than the bow, though). Give it a shot. I did just look and an Arcus (it retailed at $395) and I couldn't imagine a bow being as light as that...something to think about saving up for...