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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
19-Nov-04 - 09:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Musician Jokes
Subject: RE: BS: Musician Jokes
My favourite musicians joke was told a few years ago by the late Benny Green on the Parkinson show. Perhaps one or two people missed it.

Four musicians are contracted to play at a hunt ball. Bass, piano, drums and sax. The drummer and bass turn up but the sax and piano get a better offer, and don't bother.

the hapless rhythm section try to explain the situation to the lady organiser. They say they can't do the gig. She says, look here you common musician type people - you are supposed to be professional musicians, get up there and play something for my group of very nice people, or I'll set the dogs on you.....

So they get up and start playing - just bass and drums. Anyway it seems to be going okay, people are dancing, somebody buys them a drink.....the evenings looking up.

After about ten minutes the bass player says, I'll go to the back of the room and check the sound. The drummer says okay, see ya! carries on drumming.

A very upper class lady glides by dancing her little heart out, she calls - i say can you play Just One of Those Things...

The drummer scowls back, what the .... do you think I'm playing?