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Posted By: ddw
08-Nov-99 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: Moneymola, Money Molar, What is it?
Subject: RE: Moneymola, Money Molar, What is it?

Looks like my memory is embarrassingly faulty. I checked the book I was thinking of and it turns out to be the same Grossman work that allen referred to above. It lists "muller" as a grinder, without qualification. My Webster's 9th lists it as a piece of wood or stone used as a pestal.

Still, that leaves me without any explanation for where I got that info; I know I saw it somewhere, but obviously not that source.

I find trying to interpret blues songs — often delivered in slang ++ with dialects that are difficult to understand and it leaves you wondering about references like this. With the diction/pronunciation of some of the old blues guys, it really can be problematic.

Sorry I couldn't help, but I'll keep looking as time allows and see if I can find that reference.